... In your dreams!

... In your dreams!

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Tales from Ant Richards By Dreamcatcher64 Updated Oct 01, 2013

Jack Parsons, chief editor at The Great Escape is living his dreams. Literally.

After waking in the middle of the night in a pool of sweat, panic-stricken, confused and none the wiser Jack suddenly faces the past he believed was done, dusted with and buried.

Are these just vivid dreams or is he slowly starting to loose his sanity? Maybe it’s time to take a break.

While visiting his long-time friend Kees in Amsterdam, life just gets more complicated. Then Monika bursts into his life. His problems have only just begun.

Ambiguous, cynical, violent and enigmatic, Jack Parsons knows how to hold a grudge. Only by harnessing and mastering his dark side can he unravel the nightmare he has unwillingly fallen into. Uninvited, help comes from the most unusual of sources yet this is still Jack’s demon to fight.

Sooner or later, the unfinished business of the past will always come back to haunt. Jack Parsons finally discovers that not only sleeping can be dangerous – but also, closure comes at a cost. Redemption is just a dream away.