Masked Assassin

Masked Assassin

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DESTINES are a special selected type of supernatural. being only girls who look alike to each other, they have a destiny, a mission that shall be known later on (only when you read the book). the first destined was a werewolf, and the second was a vampire. 

once the previous destined dies, the next is immediately born. with the first two destines being buried in earth and burnt in the fires respectively, the third destined is born.

the third destined stands out from the other two. being a famous hunter, 'masked assassin', part werewolf and the third destined, she is said to be the strongest of them all. the one to complete the mission. the last destined.

this is the story of the third destined. her story, her legend, her life.

this is the story of Alaysieh, the masked assassin.


so just to inform you that this is written when i was 12-13, everything written in here, from ages to storyline, is a little too off to be true. i'm writing another version of this when my writing gets better, so please don't criticize or say anything about the storyline and etcetera, because i know that there are mistakes. so read it at your own risk!!

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