Curves & Drugs - Completed

Curves & Drugs - Completed

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Tae By Curves_ Completed

Beauty Monroe had a one night stand with the biggest kingpin in Atlanta but she didn't expect getting pregnant by him. It's been a year and she has two souvenirs from that night. So her baby daddy comes back in her life and some feelings are shared together.

That is until the people from the past and people from the future changes everything for good and bad. After something tragic happens in the family Miss. Monroe becomes the biggest queenpin in Atlanta. 

And nothing won't stop her. 

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  • addicts
  • arguing
  • backstabbing
  • couples
  • drugs
  • gun
  • kids
  • love
  • promises
  • selfesteemissues
  • thugs
  • urban
It's possible. It's a girl who goes to my school and graduate at 15 she gon be 16 in college
I been with the same guy since I was 12 we actually had sex when I was 16 I'm 18 now. He's the only guy I've ever been with but we still use condoms and if we don't I'm on birth control 🤷🏽‍♀️
RunawayRoSe RunawayRoSe Aug 08, 2016
Nigga if you back tf up lmaooo I can't be in these kind of books I get too Smart LOL
luv_bud luv_bud Jun 30, 2016
That was uh um a good way to tell him ... But its also fast Tbh
onlyymimii onlyymimii Jul 17, 2016
shiiiii what school did you go to 🤔 lemme graduate early ash too 😭😩
c_murdaa_luv c_murdaa_luv Aug 02, 2016
And this is how FatDaddy and Tootie was made...LMAtfo😂😂💁