Deeper Than Flesh (Touka x Kaneki)

Deeper Than Flesh (Touka x Kaneki)

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Sheepishlie By LeopardFlame1009 Updated May 13, 2015

Well, this whole fanfic will take place in the months after Kaneki had left the 20th ward, leaving Touka alone with her feelings. Until now.

(Touken fanfic, might become M later)

((Note: I do not own the characters nor Tokyo ghoul- if I did it would be one hell of a bad show.))

((All Touken art is from the owners of the drawings of this lovely community, all credit is theirs!))

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CortezFiona18 CortezFiona18 May 27, 2017
Face down nice and then linkin park sons there should have been some mcr and there perfect
TheTwoFacedDevil TheTwoFacedDevil Jul 03, 2017
This is an acutal well written story. All the stories ive been reading show touka nd ken as timid characters. But this is how they actually are 👏👏👏
BradTheMangaReader BradTheMangaReader May 10, 2017
Maybe would've been better if you put like she bit Kaneki's shoulder...
KennaRys65 KennaRys65 Nov 13, 2017
Me when i see my crush after a long time: SLAPS HIM 
                              he: pets my head lovingly
                              He: steals my food
                              Me: SLAPS HIM
                              He:hugs me
SaoirseWolf SaoirseWolf Mar 16, 2016
That one moment, with da abs....*strange fangirl scream and blood nose*
SatansDaughter101 SatansDaughter101 Dec 04, 2016
"...finally gave in to the sharp pains..."
                              Soooooooo........ Is she on her period? i'm not confused, just laughing at my utter stupidity.