This Family is Thuggish

This Family is Thuggish

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§Hi my name is Ariel Jazmin Young I'm only 7 and my family isn't the same. Our parents aren't always there for us but it's cool. My mom is an clothes designer but personal hair dresser on the side. My dad ,that lives 15 mins away, is a barber but can also do cornrows and dreads. I have two siblings. One older brother and one younger brother. That's all there is to know about me now onto my life.§


"JAYDEN stop your hurting me!" I heard my mom. I ran towards the door and tried to open it. It's locked. I went back to my room and grabbed my stool. I put it in front of mom's room door and stood on it. I reached on the tip of my toes and searched the boarded of the door with my little fingers and found the key. 

I hopped off the stool and threw it in my room. My hands were shaking badly as I tried to unlock my moms door. I had reached my goal and unlocked her door. When I opened the door I saw some man on top of my mommy as she was crying.


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babygurllniya babygurllniya Mar 24, 2017
Mommas baby awe then again she thought this like it's normal
Wellstonegirl Wellstonegirl May 04, 2016
That little girl don't play in going to teach my child the same thing good story nice thinking