Anything For You (Larry Stylinson)

Anything For You (Larry Stylinson)

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❝Harry, why are you growing your hair out?❞ ❝Because I want you to like me.❞

In which Harry dresses and acts like a girl just to make Louis like him. Or, in which Harry wants to take Eleanor's place and be Louis' boyfriend.

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Judgmental bean, what a sorry excuse for a goddamn dad. Dammit man. Every. Fûcking. Day. You'll never understand me!!!!!
Summer time and butterflies *points to your story* all belong to your creation
Because he can do whatever the fûck he wants ya lil cüntsicle
*emo onision voice* bc normal is so unoriginal and boring ughhh
Did I , for a second , wanted a zarry moment as well ! 😂🔥
I wake up fine and dandy but then by time i find it handy to rip my heart apart and-
                              I'm in the wrong fandom