My Possessive Mate

My Possessive Mate

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XxSaraLoverxX By XxSaraLoverxX Updated Dec 28, 2013

Hey this is my first book so don't now if it's good or bad, but fan, vote,comment


I woke up and rushed out of bed straight to the bathroom,today I turnd 18 nd couldn't wait to go to school to find out,who my mate was,a mate is like a soul mate, or your other half anyway,today was the day the arrangements of the mating party that was going to be taking place tonight if I didnt find my mate at high school..A mating party is were unmated wolves are invited to see if they have the hopes in finding their mate there if not then it is arranged for a couple to get arranged married.Anyway After getting out of the bathroom I skipped my way to the closet after 15 mins of searching for my clothes I finally settled for skin coloured skinny jeans with a white tank top and some flats,i went to go check my self in the mirror I looked good, I grabbed hold of my curler and curled my hair and let it bounce off my shoulders I was a brown headed girl,and I was about 5,4, after curlying I quickl...

Twicked Twicked Nov 25, 2013
i love this story but its really hard to read because of your shorten versions of the words
                              so please correct that XD
RiaRiaxx RiaRiaxx Jul 19, 2013
Learn how to use paragraphs and spell all the words properly. It's hard to read. It's a great book and would have a lot more readers if the format and spelling was much better.
XxSaraLoverxX XxSaraLoverxX Jul 02, 2013
Yeh that was when I first started writing nd loads of people have toled me about spelling mistakes they are all corrected it may just be the 1 nd 2 chapter that's it not the whole book
Little_ol_me Little_ol_me Jun 13, 2013
um... I looked at the story and saw the first sentence and saw how  many spelling mistakes there were and said oh no.,....  can you look at that please...
pjshls pjshls May 26, 2013
I would love to read the story but please spell the words correctly
XxSaraLoverxX XxSaraLoverxX May 20, 2013
I'm sure thts Wt I do bt if Ur having a problem ill check my work before publishing it  thanks