A Loser's Letters *Muke*

A Loser's Letters *Muke*

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"Kiss me, you loser," 

"No problem my red headed punk rocker,"

A series of letters between Luke Hemmings and Michael Clifford; two Australian idiots brought together via English project.

Trigger warning: Self harm

Cover by undertoness

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- - Oct 19, 2016
When he meets Luke its like that meme of Avril Lavigne with her high school photo and then what she looks like now
krispycarrot krispycarrot Jul 28, 2016
Do You want me to write What You have written ? (The Message from You?)🙈  if you want I can do it or not ❤️
-midnightsuga -midnightsuga Jan 26, 2017
I have both Michael, but at least my braces are going to be taken off
hearteyesclemmings hearteyesclemmings Jan 01, 2017
hey, i have glasses and last time i checked you're a loser so
krispycarrot krispycarrot Jul 28, 2016
Sorry my message doesn't work now.. But the message on the bottom of the pages 😅
kit_kat0023 kit_kat0023 Dec 27, 2015
Lol my friends tell this to all the kids who get me as a lab partner or something like that