Me Before You

Me Before You

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❝i should have said no. i should have just hurt you and left you again. but i couldn't. i had to save you. because i loved you. and because the me before you was just a hopeless boy with superfluous dreams. and you defined me, rain. 

and then, after all the anger you had for me leaving you, you left me. after i didn't let you die that night.

and a new me before you was born.

a me before you left. a me before you died. a me before you fucked it all up. a me before i stopped loving you and started hating you instead.

a me when you were still in that bed with me, your hair spread across my pillows, your eyes like liquid amber as you told me you loved me.❞

in which ford remembers the one night he spent with his ex-girlfriend, rain, before she left.

{lowercase intentional}

21b_sai 21b_sai Apr 11
Reading this after watching 13 reasons why is making me feel like I already know how this book is gonna end😓