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Living With The Bad Boy | ✓

Living With The Bad Boy | ✓

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❣️P! @ The Disco❣️ By AwkwardlyShae_ Completed

❝Can I help you?❞ I snapped at the obnoxiously dark haired boy.

❝Who pissed in your Corn Flakes this morning?❞ Ryder asked, a smirk apparent on his face. 

I rolled my eyes,  ❝Go away.❞

❝You sure are bossy.❞ he muttered, folding his arms over his chest.

I huffed, ❝I am not.❞

He chuckled, seeming amused once again, ❝Trust me, you're more than bossy.❞

❝And trust me when I say I'm not!❞ I retaliated, squinting my eyes at him, ❝You're so dumb.❞

Something snapped inside of him and he turned, clenching his fists in the process. 

❝Alright, Miss High and Mighty. Since you think you know everything about me - which you don't - why don't you shut up with the assumptions just leave me alone? Think your dull and fragile brain can actually take a moment and listen to what I'm saying? - because I'm being serious. You stay out of my face and I'll stay out of yours.❞

He grabbed his stuff before he stormed out of the room, the door slamming shut after him. 

❝Okay, that went well...❞

                                    ✿ 💎 ✿

Meet Addy Roberts. Just another typical cliché girl that never gets in trouble and always does her homework. She never stays out later than she should, and she only has a select amount of friends.

Then there's Ryder - or better yet -THE Ryder Daniels. Guys want to be him and girls want to be with him. He's the kind of boy that your mother and father warn you to stay away from. 

Word is - he's violent, he's risky, he does stuff for the fun of it.

But just how bad is this bad boy? 

And just how do these two - with totally different personalities - end up the way that they do? 

What happens when they have to get acquainted with one another for longer than they both expected?

Follow their journey through love, laughter, betrayal, heartbreak, anger, and lies as Addy - is now - Living With the Bad Boy.

highest rank: [10 in Teen Fiction!]

Copyright © Awkwardlyshae 2016 All rights reserved.

AJGotBangtan AJGotBangtan a day ago
You better be dreaming cause I don't think any people likes to wake up early in the morning and sing like Cinderella while twirling and hopping.
AJGotBangtan AJGotBangtan a day ago
Me, your nightmare, because you seem to like school very MUCH
WhiskarsElise WhiskarsElise 16 hours ago
i love him already // boys with green eyes and brown hair things i like + if you have freckles
AJGotBangtan AJGotBangtan a day ago
The last day of school already passed and I never thought I would say this but......I kind of miss school. My teachers were really awesome and to think that I'll move to another school and never meet them again is really sad.😔😔
konnaliouta konnaliouta 2 days ago
Please tell me that there will be nooo romance between the two
Littlegal_101 Littlegal_101 a day ago
I just read the story summary thing again and no these two don't seem like they'll have romance