The Bad Boy Saw Me Die

The Bad Boy Saw Me Die

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Aria By KatBear0 Updated Aug 08, 2016

I would admit that many troubling situations have happened in my life.

Never have I been chased by a psycho with a knife cursing at me to stop running and face death.

But I didn't stop. 

So there I was running like a lunatic because I, Chloe Fanning, was going to die.

And the bad boy was going to see it.

He's the one who did something to you... that's like an abuse victim saying "oh no no, I can't tell you what he's done. You can ask him, it's not my place to tell" like seriously...
bluebunny1000 bluebunny1000 Oct 05, 2016
No don't fight. He'll most likelyoverpower you and he has a weapon, but if you have a phoneYAH CALL THE POLICE HUN WHILE SPRINTIN FASTER THAN USAIN BOLT
- - Jul 08, 2016
I laughed so loud when I saw the book title. 😂 it's hilarious!
That's kind of dumb to say if it effects you....but that's none of my business
bluebunny1000 bluebunny1000 Oct 05, 2016
Call for help and sprint hellà fast. If you're nowhere near civilization, don't scream, but search for a rd.
MClementine MClementine Aug 31, 2016
i barely know the guy but i want to kill him already. anyone want to help?