Hermione Riddle and the Undiscovered Truth | Year 1

Hermione Riddle and the Undiscovered Truth | Year 1

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Hermione was just an eleven year old girl from Surrey living with her two dentist parents just like any other normal family. However when a letter from a wizarding school called Hogwarts arrives at the family home, delivered by owl, everything this girl has ever known begins to change. She is visited by the headmaster in regards to her magical abilities which is when she also discovers a horrible secret that her parents had tried to keep from her since the day she was born.  

After being sent away to the wizarding worlds finest school of learning Hermione must find her footing in this new and estrange world.  Learning the history of who she really is she is now in more danger than even Harry Potter. She must now find friends and acceptance among her fellow classmate, a job in which she has never been gifted at. Although it soon becomes the lease of her worries as three-headed-dogs and giant trolls comes into play. Ganging up with Harry and Ron will they be able to stop the philosopher's stone from being stolen? But with devil snare and deadly challenges, it is sure to be an impossible task.

Will Hermione be able to survive her first year?

(This will eventually become a Dramione Fanfiction, although it may also become a Harmony Fanfiction depending on fans, nevertheless both boys will be a major role in Hermione's life thrust the current Book 1 cover with includes Draco. This will be gradual and nothing huge will happen in relationship terms until around book 4.)

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pick-up-lines pick-up-lines Aug 15, 2017
I know a longer name! Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier de La Fayette, Marquis de La Fayette
Lunawolfpup6 Lunawolfpup6 Aug 10, 2017
I honestly always wanted to hear from Hermione's few of getting the letter!
AmandaRickon AmandaRickon Aug 02, 2016
I was apprehensive due to your young age but this was actually quite good.
LondonLupin7 LondonLupin7 Aug 04, 2016
The girls already flabbergasted at the thought of being a witch. This is not the time to shove your full name down her throat Dumbledore. Lol
siriuslysirius4 siriuslysirius4 Dec 02, 2016