I think I Love you! (Sasuke x Reader)~♥

I think I Love you! (Sasuke x Reader)~♥

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annaichigo By annaichigo Updated May 24, 2015

Your worst enemey -rival and the school most popular boy is your fiance 

~×~During exam~×~

(Name) completed her paper , all she had to do was to plot the graph. She searched for her pencil in her box .

"Ohno!"(Name) wispered yelled.

She forgot to keep her pencil.

The students siiting with her, were Sasuke, Naruto , Shikamaru and Choji. Asking the latter -Naruto , Shikamaru and Chiji was useless and not worth trying , so the chance was to ask.......Sasuke.

"Hey Sasuke~" (Name) wispered.

"What?"Sasuke wispered.

"Can you give me your pencil?" She asked.


(Name) face lit up.

"But in exchanged a kiss." he said.

"What!" She exclaimed out unintensionly.

"Is there any problem , miss (L/N) ?" Asked your ♥teacher♥.

"Oh , ah..nothong!" She answered.

Your teacher again dipped his nose in his book. 

"What?!" (Name) whispered.

"You heard me ." He wispered back.

"I'll die instead ." She spat.



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JordanUpton JordanUpton Jun 19, 2017
Thank you and if they ask I would just say he saw my ugliness and jumped off to make sure he didn't see it again
Lilyrose1231 Lilyrose1231 May 12, 2017
I would like to adopt all five of these dots. I will name them, Sakura, Hinata, Ino, Itachi and Neji
You have three seconds to leave, either willingly or in a body bag.
Siya2307 Siya2307 Sep 16, 2017
Sasuke smirks cause ya know
                              Uchihas these days
                              My mistake I meant Uchiha*
                              MAN IM SO CRUEL
Yaoi_Fangirl9000 Yaoi_Fangirl9000 Aug 19, 2017
If you don't get your eyes of me in 5 seconds you'll need new ones
My mother fires people and my father is a lawyer...