I Got the Hots for my Science Teacher.......... What the hell?!?!? [ ON HOLD]

I Got the Hots for my Science Teacher.......... What the hell?!?!? [ ON HOLD]

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❤Kisha❤ By kikigirl17 Updated Jan 20, 2011

Jade's the popular girl in her school. She has 3 Best friends named Ashley, Meagan, and Zack.
Everyone else is just know as her friends or close friend not best friends.
Melina :
Slutty skankey biggest hoe bag known to man kind all you need to know :D ...Over the summer she meets this guy she falls in love with him.. She finds out
 In her junior year of high school she gets a new Science Teacher......It's him
But they both no it's wrong and they try to block out their fellings for each other..............

Will their love for eachother be enough........


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_cryptic _cryptic Jul 30, 2011
it could use some commas instead of just periods but besides that this is a good story :3 VOTED
ThePainted ThePainted Aug 23, 2010
This would be a lot better if you kept in the same tense! Even in the first few sentences you've changed the tense three times - Fix it now!
teambella teambella Jul 27, 2010
omg LUCKYYY all my teachers are ugly monsters!!!!! love the story tho :D
KorJapTaiGirl KorJapTaiGirl Jul 20, 2010
Great story really good, i love the description on Melina lol. Voted
Countrii_Bumkin1769 Countrii_Bumkin1769 Jul 13, 2010
Lol I like itt so far and the funny thing is,I have an older sister named Melina.Haha she aint a ho though,just blessed with prettiiness. 
                              »--> on to the next chapter. 
kikigirl17 kikigirl17 Jul 05, 2010
Thanxxx for reading !!!!
                              Comment Vote and Love it !! lol :) Chapter 3 is coming in like 1 hour and 1/2 :)