Fifty shades of Red

Fifty shades of Red

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Rightenant By FusedShadow Updated Feb 29, 2016

Just saying. Have you ever wondered about the colour red? There are many shades of it ranging from tomato red to crimson. There are the deep, blood sorts of red and the bright and in your face sorts, like the 'Unsaved' button at the top of a story draft on Wattpad. Now, if you still don't get what I'm on about, let me tell you about fifty shades of red.

Notice that little G there? ----------------------------->
It's suitable for anyone to read!

Just to let you know, I have no idea why I'm even writing this, let alone publishing it here on wattpad. If you like it (which I highly doubt), vote or comment or whatever. 

By the way, this isn't anything serious, so it you came here thinking this is a proper story with a proper plot, think again. Well read it anyway since you made it all the way here. ;p

UPDATE: Since this got 30000 reads and 150 votes (wow I never expected that), I made a trailer: