The Baby Project(HS!Destiel)

The Baby Project(HS!Destiel)

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It's senior year and Dean is damn tired all the time. He has his little brother to look after, he has to take care his grieving Dad, and has a job to do while keeping the good grades. Now he has to take care of a creepy robotic baby that cries at night.

Dean would have complained further, especially being partnered up with a guy, but one look at his partner and Dean starts liking his new only-for-a-week family.

(Also this has multiple chapter but I was too lazy to separate them so...sorry. Cover Art is by Linneart on tumblr and you guys should so follow her cause her art is amazing!

This is asian highschool. I cant even imagine my self in college
sonadora8 sonadora8 Jul 05
Sam I'm warning you to back the fùck away from Cas, he belongs to Dean
Everyone is saying they hear cas speaking all I imagine is the pic that misha was holding his child by the ankles
My older sister said asexuality wasn't a real thing, and my younger sister told her I was ace without my consent.
April_59 April_59 Jul 11
I muttered this out loud and my sister was sitting next to me so she heard and now she is telling our mom 😂😂😂