The Baby Project(HS!Destiel)

The Baby Project(HS!Destiel)

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It's senior year and Dean is damn tired all the time. He has his little brother to look after, he has to take care his grieving Dad, and has a job to do while keeping the good grades. Now he has to take care of a creepy robotic baby that cries at night.

Dean would have complained further, especially being partnered up with a guy, but one look at his partner and Dean starts liking his new only-for-a-week family.

(Also this has multiple chapter but I was too lazy to separate them so...sorry. Cover Art is by Linneart on tumblr and you guys should so follow her cause her art is amazing!

BlondeDan BlondeDan Dec 20, 2016
why is everyone triggered lmao, come on guys. it's a robot child. and even if it was a real baby, it doesn't even know what gender even is! the color just makes things easier, k? k.
JoanRedfern JoanRedfern Jan 09
coulda been albus severus. still better than albus severus. i used to et these ugly ass school shoes until 4th grade called mary janes
prettyboyalways prettyboyalways 2 days ago
That's vaguely terrifying. Like when pelicans yawn. *shivers*
edgymemelord420 edgymemelord420 Dec 05, 2016
i thought it was referring to the fake baby and i laughed but then it hit me
_Perite_ _Perite_ Jan 06
I had the baby project. . . I had a party to go to and we went to the mall. . . So many weird stares and I had to change it on the floor of a hot-topic. It was the worst weekend of my life.
edgymemelord420 edgymemelord420 Dec 05, 2016
the color of the blanket is used just to distinguish what gender the baby is. classically, pink was a girl's color, and blue was a boy's color. literally nobody is enforcing gender roles here, it's just to make things easier