The Baby Project(HS!Destiel)

The Baby Project(HS!Destiel)

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It's senior year and Dean is damn tired all the time. He has his little brother to look after, he has to take care his grieving Dad, and has a job to do while keeping the good grades. Now he has to take care of a creepy robotic baby that cries at night.

Dean would have complained further, especially being partnered up with a guy, but one look at his partner and Dean starts liking his new only-for-a-week family.

(Also this has multiple chapter but I was too lazy to separate them so...sorry. Cover Art is by Linneart on tumblr and you guys should so follow her cause her art is amazing!

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-jetblackblues -jetblackblues 3 days ago
it shouldn't wake up at night tbh, teenagers already don't get enough sleep
-jetblackblues -jetblackblues 3 days ago
okay i don't ship sastiel but smol sam having a cute little crush on teenage cas (that eventually goes away when destiel start dating) is actually my new religion
Why are they already married though when did that happen😂
Just say it’s for school and the teacher picked the partners
I got attached to the baby I had to take care of...I named him Gerard and I want to scream every time I see him being taken by another student.