I L.O.V.E my big brother, but dont tell anyone!

I L.O.V.E my big brother, but dont tell anyone!

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Michelle By Michen Updated Jul 08, 2011

Hi guys!

Well, I just kept on thinking about a story that started to built in my head quite a while ago. I tried to ignore it, since I seriously don't have the time to start on another story - and since it's kind of a weird story - but it refused to leave my mind...

I know a few others have written stories about a girl being in love with her brother... But a lot of people are writing the 'same stories'.

Like 'being in love with a brothers best-friend', 'being in love with a best friend', 'being in love with a teacher', 'vampire love stories' etc. So I'm gonna post this one anyway :P

My first priority will still be "Meeting the hottest band..." but sometimes I just get tired of writing on it and need to write on something else...

And I know some people will think this might be disgusting, but I think you need to read the whole story first... I wont tell if they're brother and sister for real yet...They might be, and they might not be... But yes, they think they are...

And no, I do...

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aintnogang aintnogang Mar 17
I was OK I was even joking wit u till u started talking bout my baby-carly
faith_haneef faith_haneef Jun 17, 2016
Ahan........... I don't know why I feel like there is some big secret that I hidden by them by there parents...........  Just hoping the secret is that they r not siblings.......... Waiting for ur update..... Luv u 😍😍😍
NiallIsMineFOREVA123 NiallIsMineFOREVA123 Feb 08, 2015
I love the book title... but I HATE love stories so I'm not gonna read it also I might read it if I suddenly love love stories, also you're a great writer, BYREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Nadia_Rahman Nadia_Rahman Feb 24, 2014
Why would you like your brother? Knowing it was your brother?
Michen Michen Jan 23, 2013
@ILoveYou4Ever0226 I feel for you sweetie; been there myself. Hope you get what you want:)