Character Names

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FormerlyMrMonopoly By FormerlyMrMonopoly Updated 2 years ago
Ever struggle when trying to find a name for a character? Well all your problems stop here! This book is and will be filled with names and their meanings on a regular basis. If you would like to request a name, simply ask and I shall see what I can do! I will also take requests for name meanings!
Can you look for a good female name that could mean Strong, Faithful ect? 
                                    How about the name Claudia?
I love this name! It's so pretty yet simple, it seems to fit my character perfectly and I love that it's spelled with two Is!
Can you do one for a: Scarlett, Blase, and Josh? Thank you so much :D
@MrMonopoly Yeah, I was still talking about her, sorry for the confusion :D
@MrMonopoly Yeah, I noticed. But that girl is called Karina, because he has a tattoo with her name on his arm. That's awesome, actually :D
A friend of mine has a granddaughter called Karina... And I find it really unique.