Beaufort Academy | EDITING

Beaufort Academy | EDITING

1.6M Reads 29K Votes 85 Part Story
Rae By OverlyDramatic12 Completed

KathNiel x JaDine x JaRon
JohnDria x WoLexis x AlBee
Six people. Three stories. One school.

Chandria Santos
•	Head artist of Beaufort Artists' Guild
•	Cheerleader for Beaufort Pep Squad
•	Hippie and pretty

Alexis Sandoval
•	Student council president
•	Cheerleader for Beaufort Pep Squad
•	Strong-willed and gorgeous

Elizabeth Natividad
•	Cheerleader captain for Beaufort Pep Squad
•	Confident and beautiful

John Ford
•	Star player and co-captain of Beaufort Titans
•	Wolf's half-brother
•	Powerful and handsome

Wolf Ford
•	John's Fil-Aussie half-brother
•	Rookie player for Beaufort Titans
•	Arrogant and good-looking

Alvin Lopez
•	Captain of Beaufort Titans
•	Ladies' man
•	Loyal and attractive

1M reads: 01/09/16
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kyxxa_ kyxxa_ Jul 08, 2016
Aw. Bakit po hindi na LizQuen? I love KN and JD though. I think dudugo ulit ang ilong ko. haha
shannonlicudine shannonlicudine Jun 03, 2016
I think is better Jaye than WOLF!!! but its ok its just funny where youre calling him WOLF
thisisjakim thisisjakim Jul 04, 2016
Go Jamesss hahaha wala pa si nadz 😭 Ang ganda ng storyyyy
shaynejanie shaynejanie Apr 05, 2015
Love your story ! Finally found a very good filipino story here . 
Zzzzleepy Zzzzleepy Dec 14, 2014
James should be Robert but this is your story so might as well respect your choices. Wolf is James' favorite din naman so yeah!