The Soldier's Child

The Soldier's Child

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Emilee Parker By emileeparker Updated Nov 13, 2016

Tears filled my eyes as I stared at a little white stick in my hands.  There, in the dimly lit bathroom of Gannet's Pharmacy, I would discover my fate, and he wouldn't be there to see it.  I stared at the white and yellow tiles covering the walls, counting them as the timer ticked down.  The rest of my life depended on what I would learn in fifty three, fifty two, fifty one seconds.  I felt cold, numb as if I were missing something and I knew what it was, Danny.  He should be here, rubbing my arm as we wait.  He always wanted a kid, and now that I may finally be able to give him one, he wasn't here.  

Captain Daniel Joseph Kohl was in the middle of God-knows-where-Afghanistan fighting for the red, white and blue.

Cover by: Napoleon_blownapart
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Echo4Echo Echo4Echo Dec 07, 2016
Your picture is of a Marine, not a soldier. Army-soldier, Marine-Marine... That being said, well written. I like it!
Sailor-Mars Sailor-Mars Apr 28, 2015
This is really good, and I'm going to read on... also, how did you get so many reads and votes? I'm kinda new to this so I don't know where to start and I'd like for people to read my stories
TheOmegaAlpha TheOmegaAlpha Apr 26, 2015
AMAZING start hope you know I vote ahead just in case I don't have time :-)