SAFE | a Camila/You Fanfiction

SAFE | a Camila/You Fanfiction

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Camila Cabello has come to the peak of her career, along with her four band mates, Dinah Jane Hansen, Lauren Jauregui, Ally Brooke Hernandez, and Normani Kordei Hamilton. The group, Fifth Harmony, are now on their Reflection tour, but what happens when a group of assassins wants to find them, and kill them for money?

But is it all of them, or is it just Camila they want?

Y/F/N is focused on making herself a career. She has lived by herself for the past three years because her father, Derek, is too busy 'protecting' celebrities. However, whenever her father's career gets in the way, it never seems to end well...

Big Rob, Fifth Harmony's bodyguard, has allocated each of the group members a place to hideout, all in different areas from each other. He has the perfect hiding place for Camila, but unfortunately, that means she will have to stay with Big Rob's best friend's daughter: Y/N. 

When their two worlds collide, will it be for good or bad? How will Camila and Y/N react to each other? And, will some feelings develop along the way?

Find out in Safe. 

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When you play COD and someone's throws a grenade. "GRENDADE!" *BOOM*
analaisla analaisla Aug 04
*Harry Styles voice* why are we always stuck and running from?
PapiMila PapiMila Jun 29
Well Sherlock this is very interesting I would have never known
I just imagined them doing a dramatic gasp with their hands on their cheeks while looking at the camera.
Well she has all the time she wants away from the girls now 🙃
I'll only read the first chapter tonight since I won't stop and I need to clean my room and do other things but it's good so far and cool that you already have a sequel in the works :) let's keep our girls safe :)