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Ezmerelda Night By EzmereldaNight Completed

In a land covered in dark mist and dense forest lives a people. Not like us. But stronger, faster, and more beautiful than we could ever imagine. Their charm has no parallel; their intelligence has no match.

They are perfect.

Or so it seems.

They are monsters that hunt at night, using their charm and beauty to lure unsuspecting prey to them. They have no respect of person when it comes to their next  meal. They are heartless cold creatures. But none was ever so cold as the prince that ruled over them.

 Many of his servants were killed by his ruthlessness, albeit when he fed or when someone made even the slightest mistake. He spared no one. He did not give room to defiance. All that disobeyed or rebelled were killed by his own hand. Many wanted him for their own, hoping to break through his cold heart enough to get him to marry.

 However, the dark prince was stalwart. He would not marry. He would not take another. He did not want another. That is until he met her.

She is an exception.

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Mechaw Mechaw Aug 06, 2017
Was I the only one reading this in a dramatic sharp dun dun dunnnn voice! 🙃
bookworm_D bookworm_D Dec 12, 2014
Oh wow. Very descriptive. Paused halfway to tap the vote button.
bookworm_D bookworm_D Dec 12, 2014
Has a fairy tale start. Or maybe that's 4 seasons of Once Upon A Time talking. xx
silvertiger silvertiger Oct 17, 2014
Well I have to say you really have my attention I can't wait to read more.