Goode High Reads: Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief

Goode High Reads: Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief

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Michaella Lohasz By Its_Michaella Updated Sep 03, 2016

After the Giant War, Perseus Jackson (but make sure he doesn't catch you calling him that) or Percy to his allies, decides to return home to his mother and step-father. His mom decides that, due to the trauma he recently experienced, he should return to his old high school to reconnect with the mortal world.

The one problem is that Percy Jackson has the worst luck in the world. Oh, and the fates seem to hate him more than he hates Tartarus.

Zeus exposes the Greek world. 

On purpose.

But only because the mist was fading and if he didn't, many mortals would die.

The gods decided to read about Percy's adventures to teach the mortal world about the gods and demigods. So as expected, nothing goes as planned, but that doesn't mean that he isn't still forced to face his nightmares head-on.

Percy's new deadly quest: A high school full of mortals and reliving his past.

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Itz_Bali Itz_Bali Dec 05
Me : *sacred for life * yeah adult time .... that's totally it
Theyna4Ever Theyna4Ever Aug 18
Oh my gods!!!!!!! Poor, poor Percy!!!!!! Can you imagine walking in on your parents having sex. Because I can and I want to ask Hera to my wipe my memories now.😨 (Insert throwing up because for some reason there isn't an emoji for that.)
Ksc2014 Ksc2014 Aug 18
Okay, I feel bad cause I actually didn't expect this to be all that good, but I still gave it a chance. There's still a chance that I'll end up being frustrated with this but it's making me feel stuff at least so that's good. Keep writing cause you have a gift
Zekio1 Zekio1 a day ago
I threw up. Whelp. No school tomorow. But I miss the last Jedi nooo9oooooo
Suprizingly Percy Thalia and Grover never did find the dam snack bar get a dam tshirt use the dam battroom or get a drink from the dam water fountain
Theyna4Ever Theyna4Ever Aug 18
All the Blue things in the world getting sucked into a black hole?!?!?! Why?!?!?!?!