One directions mate?!?!?(vampire)

One directions mate?!?!?(vampire)

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I was on my way back from school. I’d missed the bus, and had to walk. As I was walking, I ran into a rock solid body. I look up to see a brown haired guy with amazing green eyes. After staring at him, like a stalker, than slap myself back to reality and say a quick sorry before walking away. “I need you to trust me. Meet me in the woods in an hour.”  Well, this should be good.

 Read on, to find out what happens next.


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grimlinstyle grimlinstyle Nov 01, 2017
OMG!! This book is already really interesting!! Can't wait to read the rest  :)
Emily_Cupcake01 Emily_Cupcake01 Dec 19, 2017
This is a great book and idea etc., but the grammar is just all wrong. It's amazing, but the grammar. I know you're new, and I'm probably late by like 23454345 years, but I'm just putting it out there. Other than that, GREAT BOOK!!!!
Emily_Cupcake01 Emily_Cupcake01 Dec 19, 2017
                              Who's with me????
                              No one?
                              Ok, I'll leave...
                              Man I'm such a carrot
                              Carrot: Yep.
Donthateee Donthateee May 19, 2017
Just go
                              You'll probs be having one of their babies soon anyways😒😒
4idiotsfromaustralia 4idiotsfromaustralia Dec 10, 2016
I wouldn't eat...
                              I mean the first thing that would come to mind would be they're drugged or something since they kidnapped me...
                              But then again I probably would eat them
                              Come on its free food! Who wouldn't?
4idiotsfromaustralia 4idiotsfromaustralia Dec 10, 2016
maybe she's a directioner...
                              or maybe she knew someone named Harry and is calling him Harry to comfort her in this scary situation?
                              Or maybe I'm just imagining things
                              Yep probably just my crazy ol' self acting up again!