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:Terri and Jake Chronicles [Book #1]

:Terri and Jake Chronicles [Book #1]

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Sierra. By xXxTwilightLuverxXx Updated Mar 13, 2011

-Terri Sanders and Jake Dawson.  Thousands of emotions race through these teenagers mind, but only a few stand out the most.  ~Hatred. ~Passion. ~Betrayal. ~Lust. ~Determination. ~Defeat.  The emotions cause ravage. It can destroy trust. It can destroy love. It can even destroy friendships. Some of these emotions you wouldn't normally experience in someone who should be falling in love. There's a difference between 'I love you' and 'I'm falling in love with you'.                                Don't underestimate the impossible.   You've heard the saying, opposites attract? You probably believed it, right?  Don't  In this novel, you can get a glimpse of what happens when you mixed two totally and completely different societies together. The mix between to the two wasn't voluntarily, goodness no. It happened because it was arranged. An arranged marriage to be precise.  Through the ups and downs and the twists and turns, these two different people will show why two different societies can't be forced to mix. It'll just lead to diasater. And here is your proof.     "There's no 'I' in team." [Jacob Dawson] "But there is a 'U' in murder." [Terri Sanders]

rowingismylife rowingismylife Sep 05, 2011
huh... well u know what i would do???? if i was eighteen i would go, say peace suckers, and leave them to start new. if i was not then i would say "mom, dad, i am calling child services." bada bing bada boom all fixed, at least some what.
ilovethewayyoulie ilovethewayyoulie Jul 27, 2011
@xXxTwilightLuverxXx and voted/commened/fanned
                              i loved your story sooooooooooooooo much ^_^
ilovethewayyoulie ilovethewayyoulie Jul 27, 2011
                              wooowwwwwwwwwwww u know wt?
                               you are simply too good..i loved your chap..and i will read others too!!
                              added to my library!
                              plz write book 2 for me.. please!!
xXxTwilightLuverxXx xXxTwilightLuverxXx Jan 02, 2011
                              It's okay. =]
                              I try to sty away from the cliche ideas, so I hope it doesn't become too cliche (in your opinion). I'm in the process of editing all the chapters now, to make them uncliched.=]
                              And you don't have to vote for something you don't like. I completly understand.
- - Jan 01, 2011
im obseesed with this story!!i have more than 90 books i coukd be reading right now but noooooo...ur lucky jake is awsome!
crazy-baby crazy-baby Nov 23, 2010
ive been waitin for yuu to uplaod for the ever pllllzzzzzzzzzz upload im dying over here cause yuu have been keepin me waiting for over months nowwww. tears are coming out of my eyes because of this.