Honest Mistake

Honest Mistake

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Aidan Rogers couldn't help himself whenever his eyes would wander towards that girl sitting next to the snack table. He wants to talk to her but his shyness is overpowering his out-going personality. Once he finally plucked up the courage to at least say hi to the mysterious girl, she up and leaves. Of course.

Fast forward to a week later, he has dinner with his parents, Emma and Drake. While they were looking at their menu, they hear a soft spoken voice introducing herself as Charmeine, their server for the night.

Aidan looks up and whoa - It's her.

He notices her, she notices him. He stares, she averts his eyes while blushing.

The whole time, Emma Collins, noticed this odd quiet interaction between her son and this cute girl. Little does Aidan knows, that Emma had a plan brewing in her mind to have her son just speak to Charmeine.

However, she didn't realize how much things could change for her son by just that simple interaction between him and Charmeine.

Seriously, it was just an honest mistake.

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Vidyawatt Vidyawatt Jan 20
Where is the book 'Beautiful mistake'?? I can't see it in your books list..
gwenerdaze gwenerdaze Dec 28, 2015
Horace Mann created the school system in 1837 when he became secretary of education in Massachusetts.
flaurel flaurel Oct 18, 2014
I love your blurb / description of the book. It hooked me in and made me want to read it!
x-xdanielle x-xdanielle Oct 15, 2014
Hey, I saw your book and it seems to me a very nice book, could I translate it into Dutch? Sorry for my bad english
xoxo_bel xoxo_bel Oct 08, 2014
no I've read beautiful mistake , I wanted to know if reading this would ruin honest mistake on your other account .
xoxo_bel xoxo_bel Oct 05, 2014
your writing a book about the same thing on your account so will this ruin the book on your account for me ?