Burn Me (RM sequel) ✔️

Burn Me (RM sequel) ✔️

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What do you do when your life gets turned upside down by the person you love?  

Chelsea has been through hell and back when it comes to dealing with Justin.  They've been through it all together... Arguments.  Jealousy.  Fear.  Grief.  Sex.  Drunken weddings.  Heartaches...And most importantly, Love.  But the weight of Justin's lies and deceits become too much to bare for her and she walks away from the one man who had the power to consume her whole heart.  Can she ever move on from loving Justin Bieber? 

Justin Bieber's mistakes and the mouth of his ex girlfriend have cost him the biggest things he could ever loose...Chelsea and Mia.  Their absence burns in his chest, and as a coping mechanism he goes back to his previous ways.   Parties and women become who he is once more.   But with the knowledge of a new opponent battling to win over Chelsea's heart, he decides that he's not going to give her up that easily. He's going to win her back, no matter what it takes.

Will Justin succeed in his quest to gain back the only woman he's ever loved? Or will it all be a worthless cause?

"Let me remind you who you belong to baby."
Enjoy the Ride.  

ROCK ME 2: All or Nothing.


sarahhjade sarahhjade Jul 07
Don't get me wrong I love jia moments but seriously it makes me mad that all Mia cares about is Justin and not the fact her mom is sobbing
drewlvst drewlvst 2 days ago
                              She didn't want Chelsea to hurt more
                              Don't blame this on her she did the right thing
                              Something you should've done long time ago and it was to tell the damn truth.
I'm finally back finished the first book again can't wait to read this version of the ending
Read the first book in a span of 48 hours. New record for sure!!!
SilverThaw SilverThaw Aug 18
You hardly had any remorse the first time you slapped her. Hell, you even threatened to do it again!
That picture of Justin Bieber plus the Miley Cyrus Song!!😍😍😍 I'm already in love