5sos Smut (boyxboy)

5sos Smut (boyxboy)

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Lashton af By Lashtonxmuke Updated Jan 16, 2015

Okay so basically this is my first smut story or story in general so please be nice and my friend kind of forced me into this so yeah 

Here goes nothing 

Oh and a reminder this will be a boyxboy so if you're into that kind of stuff I suggest you stop reading

FuckingVkook FuckingVkook Jul 26, 2016
Me in the morning or going to bed or at school there is no inbetween
CrYiNgMaDHatter12 CrYiNgMaDHatter12 Sep 26, 2016
My tiny baby kangaroo😭omg NO my sunshine
                              When I find out who hurt him I'll rip off their goddamn dick and sew it to their forehead
aegyosanha aegyosanha Jul 05, 2016
Imagine going to a concert and right when it ends Michael says that sugcjshcbsj
frogandporcupine frogandporcupine Jul 08, 2016
I have finally decided on who I think tops. People are going to hate me but id care I'm used to it. Ashton tops and Michael bottoms. There I finally made up my mind. There's no going back.  Ok I'm finally not going crazy anymore on who tops.
frogandporcupine frogandporcupine Jul 08, 2016
Who would be complaining if Ashton kissed you. I would be honored if I even heard him giggle in person
abbakoz abbakoz Jan 28
When I saw that it said me head I immediately read it in a Scottish accent.