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You'll Pay The Price For Rejecting Me Mr.Alpha (Under Major Editing)

You'll Pay The Price For Rejecting Me Mr.Alpha (Under Major Editing)

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Erinka789 By Erinka789 Completed

History of the half breeds: Back in time when humans mingled with our kind and our kind mingled with the others we were all at peace then Derivik Strogonif convinced the humans we were truly savages and it was once and for all time that the human species rule over others. We called this the spilling of blood era in our history were us Werewolves found out how to fight back against our once united friends. We called them half breeds. Werewolves and Nine Tailed Foxes mingled with each other. See the foxes had agility and control over their being after they shifted unlike most werewolves in our community this is when we knew we had found the new and better species. When we fought the war against the humans they were terrified of our new generation ever horrified that we could mingle with others. That's when they hunted the half breeds down and slaughtered them all. Or at least they thought they did two half breed family's made it out alive and till this day are still out there. 

Rennae The Omega is her title in the pack but somehow she fell madly in love with Joshua black but what happens when his ass of an Alpha and friend is his one true loves mate. What will happen when Mr.Alpha see's that he'll pay the price for rejecting his dear mate and will he finally take her back or will she denie him?

- - Aug 01, 2016
Same i love bring me the horizon oliver is bæ lol i also like Panic! at the Disco, BVB , melanie martinez ,ect