Remember me? (gxg)

Remember me? (gxg)

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Kerry Belchambers By Kerry_Belchambers Completed

Holly Mackenzie was taking a walk on the beach with her two adorable nieces when one of them discovered what looked like a mermaid on shore.

With her clothes in tatters and seaweed covering her waist down, it turned out the beautiful creature they had come across was a young woman suffering from amnesia. She could not remember who she was, where she was from or how she'd washed up on the beach.

Remember me takes Holly Mackenzie and the Mermaid on a passionate, remarkable and dangerous journey, as unknown to them, someone seeks to finish the job they started during one stormy night.

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  • action
  • cowgirl
  • mystery
  • romance
  • suspense
  • thriller
clexamydrug clexamydrug Nov 06, 2017
Has nothing to do with the story but one my best friends name is Allie
moonsun_wheebyul moonsun_wheebyul Aug 01, 2016
Your dad made you marry someone 30 years older than you!? Wow
MarytheBibliophile MarytheBibliophile May 31, 2015
I can't wait to read the rest, but how did her father force her to get married if she was twenty years old? I guess that's something that is answered later in the story.
thekawaiicats thekawaiicats May 30, 2015
OMG this is soooooo well written! please check out my story and give me thoughts?
Narumi_Uzumaki Narumi_Uzumaki May 08, 2015
right about after she died or even that could be what happened and then u can go to a flash back!
Timetraveler1 Timetraveler1 May 05, 2015
P:oor Allie, nothing is going right for her!  She just can't catch a break with men, first her farther, now her husband!  Maybe death will be better!