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Scoff By HypocriticaI Completed

Alright so this is just some fluffy davekat, there is smut so just a warning there. I try and update as much as I can but I do not have a schedule so, you could obviously see the problem there. The reason why I do not bother with schedules is because I won't lead up to it, meaning that I won't always update at those times.
I do have a oneshot thingie here aswell, well not in this davekat but in my works, sorry if i'm promoting it but at the moment it's  irrelevant, so yeah sorry for that.
Anyway I hope you like my story, and feel free to critique me in anyway, I will take kindly to it and try my best to fix whatever problem you have with my story and if I can't fix it I apologize.
Oh and just a little disclaimer, I do not own ANY of the characters in the story, the all belong to andrew hussie, in the comic Homestuck-in mspaintadventures.
They only belong to me if I say so, which means I just put them together randomly.

Fandom-Hell Fandom-Hell Mar 14
Dammit come back I need to kill you *reaches out* Wilson! Wilson I'm sorry
vanna235 vanna235 Mar 18
Im reading this Infront of my cousin rn and im trying really hard not to make faces and act all stupid lol
I love this story! fyi there is this person called spacedoggos and she made an amazing davekat story and I love it YOU GUYS NEED TO CHECK IT OUT
silverAstronomy silverAstronomy Nov 08, 2016
I read that in a British voice... Now I cant stop laughing XD
Dirk: *saw and burst in* DAVID ELIZABETH STRIDER!!!!! ROOF!! NOWWWWWWWW!!!!!
dirkjakedavekatship dirkjakedavekatship Nov 18, 2016
I think I've been reading too much dirkjake lately cause I read that in Jake's accent...