Chasing Amy (Daryl Dixon/The Walking Dead)

Chasing Amy (Daryl Dixon/The Walking Dead)

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♔ By tacodixon Updated Dec 11, 2017

Some people weren't built to be monsters.

Amy Wilson was used to relying on her older brother for protection. He was the only reason she was alive when the dead began to rise.

She was not a fighter. She couldn't handle a gun, couldn't function around blood and gore, and she certainly couldn't live with herself after killing another human being; dead or alive.

After being abducted -saved- by the one and only Rick Grimes, she was finally forced to learn how to protect herself... As her brother was killed at the hands of her captor. 

The hunter of the group, Daryl Dixon, was the opposite of her; private, quiet, cold and strong. They couldn't have been more different, yet he was the only person who could teach the hopeless woman how to fight, to stand up for herself.

However, with tensions rising inside the group, will they be able to defend themselves from forces unknown? Will Amy be forced out to fend for herself?

- First TWD Watty Award Winner
- Featured in the Official The Walking Dead : Road to Survival "Top Walking Dead Fanfiction" reading list
- Featured in the Official Wattpad Fanfic "The Walking Dead" reading list 
- #8 in Buzzfeed's Official "19 Wildest Fanfics People Couldn't Stop Reading In 2015"

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jomo_isbae81 jomo_isbae81 Aug 25, 2017
This has to be my gosh darn favorite story on wattpad out of all these other annoying cliche repetitive ones.
TMRGreenieGirl TMRGreenieGirl Dec 15, 2017
His face says, I am honestly worried about your mental health....
belles-reveries belles-reveries Aug 16, 2017
a lot of respect for authors who have characters like this because almost every oc out there is a bamf
-bugheadjoy -bugheadjoy Jan 07
Oh boi my fifth time reading this and this one line never gets old
His face is how I look at my friends when they are making up a fake story and I gotta start lying to go along with it and I’m annoyed
Zoriey Zoriey Dec 19, 2017
I've watched TWD since the beginning but I'm just getting into the fanfic area and I'm so excited!