His One & Only Blind Spot

His One & Only Blind Spot

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Kenz By PrinceKenzie Completed

Second book in The Dark Moon series

Kennan Verges was a normal seventeen year old boy. He loves sports and parties as much as the next guy. Being the quarterback of his school's football team made him the most popular guy in his school. He loved the attention and the girls that attention brought him. His life changed in the blink of an eye though.  At the homecoming game the last thing he saw is the giant numbers 21 coming at him. He wakes up in a hospital bed with all well except his eyesight. Kennan is left almost completely blind and frustrated. Moving to a new school is the last thing he needs and the first thing that happens to him.

The most popular boy in his new school will become his eyes and for once his bitterness fades away when he grabs hold of his arm and sparks explode.

Eighteen year old Tripp Matthews is the most popular guy in his school. Being the captain and quarterback of the football team will do that for you. He's not a mean jock though, he's friends with just about everyone in the whole school. He's smart and believes in treating people the way you want to be treated. He's the Alpha's little brother and it helps boost his popularity as well. He has his future planned down to the T. Graduate high school with straight A's and get into college to study Psychology. He wants to help people get passed their demons much like his best friend and brother-in-law Skyler did. So when his mate comes to town he's completely side swept.

The boy with all the plans just found his one and only blind spot.

Cover by Peakybooo

  • alpha
  • blind
  • boyxboy
  • death
  • drama
  • ex-boyfriend
  • fear
  • football
  • gaylove
  • highschool
  • kidnapping
  • lgbt
  • smart
  • werewolf
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I want this much friendship*sigh*but of course life isn't always fair on everyone
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