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His One & Only Soft Spot

His One & Only Soft Spot

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The Few, The Prøud, The Emøtiønal By PrinceKenzie Completed

Third book in The Dark Moon series

Sora Anderson is an outgoing boy with a mother-hen complex. He doesn't have many friends because people find him strange. That doesn't stop him from nursing the kids that are bullied back to health or trying to make those sad smile. When his parents tell him he's moving, via text, it doesn't bother him. Moving around all the time is easy when you don't have true friends. With workaholic parents, he's always been alone. Moving across the country, he meets a strange bad boy. It's not hard for him to catch; Sora can see the pain and haunted look in the large boy's eyes. He wants to fix the broken bad boy and he's determined to do it. He wants to see a smile on his sexy face and life in his usual dead eyes.

But will he still be whole when he finishes putting the bad boy back together?

Jedidiah Matthews is the "bad boy" of Majestic High. With his ever-present black leather jacket and cigarette hanging from his mouth people just know not to mess with him. Although he's just eighteen, he's been to jail too many times to count. He just became the Alpha of the Dark Moon Pack and he knows exactly what he wants. That's for people to leave him the hell alone. It isn't until a new student enters his domain and puts him in his place that Jedidiah feels his usual hard mask falling off quickly. The tiny boy brings out feelings he's never felt before.

The broken bad boy is not prepared when he finds his one and only soft spot.

Cover by Peakybooo

xhiddenxfeelings xhiddenxfeelings 4 days ago
xhiddenxfeelings xhiddenxfeelings 4 days ago
thank god I abandoned the fourth book before it gave me anymore spoilers ugh
xhiddenxfeelings xhiddenxfeelings 4 days ago
when you read the fourth book first so you pretty much already know what happens
Honestly I can't be mad cause it'll be an amazing book no matter who he's with
Do it anyway. Kevin's mate wouldn't hesitate to do it but he wouldn't let him die either
GaySensei GaySensei Jan 22
Started Everything It Takes and realized I never did start this so here I am