I Didn't Mean To Kidnap You! (Thugisa x Reader)

I Didn't Mean To Kidnap You! (Thugisa x Reader)

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Andy/Angry By angryoverlord Updated Nov 07, 2014

Thugisa they call him, he used to be Nagisa, so nice, swimming with his friends and being happy go lucky. Now he's malicious, inappropriate, a thug! He moved from Japan to America, where he found his "true calling". And his biggest mistake.

You were visiting your parents, when you were violently ripped from their grip in his fit of panic. It was an accident!....Right?

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You don't mean 50? Do not get ma slut in prison. *grabs Thugisa*
If he was real, I would grab his ass and kiss him. REI, HE MINE!!
Damn, seems like what my mom would want me to say if I got chocolate.
Reading the comment section and trying not to laugh cause I'm in front of my parents😂
Ari: *looks at ass* Thanks, homey. I got a big one too. *flips hair*