Hamartia (Royce)

Hamartia (Royce)

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1. A tragic or fatal flaw. 

Jacob Perez is eighteen years of age. He likes to smoke and get drunk occasionally, but most importantly; he likes to keep to himself. Yes, like all stories, Jacob will come out of his shell and he will speak to the friendly, optimistic seventeen year old Chresanto August. Yes, they will become somewhat friends, even though Jacob will deny it every chance he gets.... And yes, they will date. However, it's the little things that will soon get in between their relationship. It's Jacob's foggy background, and his way of thinking, and his secret eating disorder. See, it's just Jacob in general. The word to describe him is hamartia. He's a hamartia. He's a flaw. Chresanto hasn't come to terms with Jacob being a walking hamartia, but Jacob has, and he seems to be okay with it all.

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_dexterrrrr _dexterrrrr Jan 14
Hey Jacob, um yeah.. you should calm down tf down before you make me go from 0 to 100 real quick on yo ass.
teddybear_blast teddybear_blast Dec 22, 2015
I really loved this book :D I'm about to read it all over again
ImanaJunior ImanaJunior Oct 19, 2015
*walks up to them* I'll take the chips if you don't want them *snatches them and walks away eating them*
lestwins_4life lestwins_4life Jul 15, 2015
omg this is my second time reading this and forgot how proper this book was lol
- - Jul 05, 2015
Damn man, someone offers you food you take it,  you don't curse them out
Forever_a Forever_a Apr 11, 2015
It's crazy to me...becuz...chres is usually the hard and tuff guy. and now he has Jacob, the not so tuff guy...cussing him out. I kinds wanted chres to snap on em.