Dracula's Soulmate (Watty Awards 2011)

Dracula's Soulmate (Watty Awards 2011)

190K Reads 4K Votes 23 Part Story
Emily By Jayne93 Completed

Amalia suffers a great loss when she gets home from school and finds her mother and her baby brother slaughtered in the baby room. She is then taken to live with her dad in a dreary place that seems too different. Her father gives her one rule- dont go into the forest. But Amalia is too intrigued by them hat she ventures inside only to be surrounded by a pack of wolves bent on killing her. But someone saves her and takes her to the mysterious castle on the hill...

She soon learns that his name is Drake Vladimir II. Aka Dracula. He tells Amalia that they are soulmates. 

Amalia is taken to a whole new realm where she meets other vampires but they do not seem all that different. 

Follow Drake and Amalia as they go through the highs and lows of being soulmates in this tale of love, trust, loss, hatred, war and new life.

Omoloffa Omoloffa Nov 16, 2017
Seriously 😒 you're practically saying  'hey axe murderer in the woods I'm your naive dumb young victim come get me' 😒🚶🏾‍♀️🚶🏾‍♀️🚶🏾‍♀️
RaAnMi RaAnMi Feb 11
Ok first of all it’s just the woods there are many animals in there. Second cone on don’t be such a wimp I have a forest near my house go in it all the time and hear twigs cracking just means I scared some animal
jzuser15 jzuser15 Mar 10
Charper is to short, its like your giving a summerf summery instead of a story
OliviaSmith576 OliviaSmith576 Dec 30, 2016
He's alright, but if you don't mind I'd like to think of him more powerful looking, and older. I feel he would look a bit older, like in his early thirties you know? X
Jayne93 Jayne93 Aug 11, 2016
The only reason he looks like that is because I wanted him to when I was writing the story. That was the closest I could think of. Plus if you look when I actually published the story it was back when VD was popular.
angelkobe angelkobe Mar 30, 2016
Why don't kids fkn LISTEN TO GOOD ADVICE, STAY OUT OF THE WOODS... sorry but I hope She diiiiies.is that bad of me?? TOO BAD lol 😛