The HouseKeeper

The HouseKeeper

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Miss Keisha By LadyK30 Completed

Desire Monroe is a young successful Chemist. She is on a month vacation when her grandma Sylvia Monroe needs her to do a favor for her. She fell and fractured her ankle and wants Desire to be the fill-in housekeeper. Desire thinks she is going to be housekeeping for a guy named Anthony, until she falls asleep in his bed and is awakened by August Anthony Alsina.

August is rude to her when her finds her asleep in her bed, but Desire stands her grounds. These two come from different worlds and they are going to continue to bump heads because of the attraction they have for one another. Desire is seeing someone, but August is soon gonna turn up the heat and make her forget about who she is so-called seeing.

Will they be able to work through their different lifestyles and backgrounds or will they let that get in the way of a love that could knock both of them off their feet?


shaadaniel shaadaniel Sep 09
when you re-read these comments get so much funnier 😂😂
FiFyFoFayla FiFyFoFayla Sep 08
Why would you decline if you knew his name was August Alsina? Bih I would've ran to his house like sonic
ur_bbg_kay ur_bbg_kay Sep 10
You can get yo aśs outta here and go home and take a damn cold shower. Small díck lookin aśs bítch. I already dont like him
ur_bbg_kay ur_bbg_kay Sep 10
Her mom wants her to marry a wimp aśs man that she can boss around. Her mother think she slick. Annoying mofo getting in the way of love😒😒
upendii_ upendii_ Sep 08
I would've ran to his house with quickness had my overnight bag and everything
FiFyFoFayla FiFyFoFayla Sep 08
He doesn't realize that he always wears shades so that doesn't help. We can tell it's him regardless because him with his glasses is kinda like his plain face