Never Let Go - (Book 2 of NBTSA)

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Tasha or D-Master ;) By lilly-rain Completed
Amberly, Dougy and Phil have been away for the past eight months, dealing with everything that has happened but now they are back. New alliances are formed and new people pop into their lives but in the world of crime, drugs, gangs and guns with death all around you, who can you really trust in this world? The trio find this out the hard way as they still battle against Paul and his gang, determined to bring him down once and for all.
@JohnSpiritWolf Ah... my thoughts exactly. I sure hope we're right on that. wouldn't want Paul's gangs capturing them.
Where the heck are they if it takes them a continuous 5 days to get back to the city?
Is there going to be a book 3? Can't wait to find out what's been going on.
Can't believe my reaction to the Leila and Baden thing. Really good writing !! Been trying to save reading this to really enjoy it but my curiosity and need to read more has won  haha :P
Folks, look at the cast... I knew they weren't gone... My guess, they've been in a coma or something like that... They had sustained some pretty nasty wounds... If I had to guess, funny as it may be, De found them and got them away...
Sux that Baiden and Leila disappear from their car but it great to know that they were being saved by one of Bayden's boys or Darcy's boys or even Bayden's brother came to the rescue instead of being taken away and shot them to death someplace else :(