The Watchdog and the Lap Cat

The Watchdog and the Lap Cat

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Trufflerabbit13 By Trufflerabbit13 Updated May 10, 2015

Dogs are loyal towards their masters. Without hesitation, they will follow their master's commands, sacrificing themselves by throwing their body in front of the enemy. They sit and fetch like a loyal creature, following each of their masters instructions.

Cats are known as cunning and manipulative. Yet they patiently stay under their master, until the last moment when they strike with their vicious sharp claws. They are never completely loyal, they will leave when their master no longer interest them. They detest anything that is annoying.

Yet these two drastically different in character and thought share the similar history. History that haunts both of them at night....

One stands loyal by the Queen's side as her faithful watchdog, while the other purrs as she sits on the queens lap, her sharp claws ready to strike at any moment...


A melodic laughter is lightly heard through the quiet ally.

The young Phantomhive Earl tensed at the familiar voice. His butler swiftly reaches into his jacket preparing to grab the multiple knives he had hidden.

"My, my... Isn't it such a coincidence to meet the Queen's watchdog at such place, Ciar?" The smooth and young, yet wise voice chuckled.

"It does seem like such a coincidence my lady." Another voice was heard. Though compared to the first, it was much deeper and filled with malice. 

The Earl grimaced in distaste his nose scrunching, "Sebastian, it looks like the lap cats have decide to show up...."

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