Furthest Thing

Furthest Thing

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Maria By tvpacshakvr Completed

*must read books 1&2 before this*

After Shayne was sent to prison Tavi completely moved on with her life, and turned into the women she's supposed to be. Tavi is now engaged and seems happy to the public, but behind closed doors she is trying to help her fiance with his problems to keep her and her daughter safe.

Being behind bars hasn't stopped Shayne from running the streets. With the help of Chris he has built an empire and doesn't at all plan on stopping. But now that he's gone everyone turned their backs on him, leaving him in a lonely state of mind.

Liyahh_00 Liyahh_00 Nov 20
She smart.. especially in her condition she gonna need it some day
GorJessi GorJessi Oct 31
Girl.  You gone need help in a minute if you keep getting ya ass beat by him.  😂✌💀
pndismyfave pndismyfave May 03
SO WHOS TEAM RASHAD NOW HUH? OH THATS WTF I THOUGHT. Been team shayne and ion have no intentions in changing. never did.
BabiiErinn BabiiErinn Jul 16
maan why Tavi gotta get engaged.....Im sorry but she shouldve stayed lonely with Addi lol. Wait on bae....
AresKing44 AresKing44 Oct 29
I really feel bad for when Shayne finds all this out, I really do.
muahwovee muahwovee Jan 01
I haven't read any yet and I'm crien
                               I just got done with 1-2