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The Good Daughter

The Good Daughter

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Skye Alysha By Hendrixx Updated Jan 27, 2015

‘He came closer and she could feel her chest constrict in absolute fear. His glowing green eyes seemed to look her over, as if assessing the damage he was about to do. She felt his warm, calloused hand touch her neck and as soon as he spoke, she felt as if her whole world had just been thrown into purgatory. 

“Become mine, and I’ll take back what is yours.”

She felt like she was drowning. She was so tired, and had been shot down so many times that she didn’t care what she had to do. She needed to raise her head and breathe again. Rowynn Marsden made her mind up that day that she would sell her soul to this human to regain her freedom... and her family.'
Rowynn is the daughter of an alpha - a particularly demanding one at that. She knows no boundaries, and respects - even envies - humans far more than she does her own kind. When judgment day comes and Rowynn is at the centre of the pack elders wrath, she flees her home and stumbles onto an injured rogue in her fathers territory. Griffin is a mystery to her, and a very angry shifter at that. However, behind his angry wolf and unusual circumstances, Rowynn shelters him behind her fathers back. 

Unbeknownst to Rowynn, Griffin has a plan to ruin her father and her pack - a plan that might just send her running into the arms of a very powerful human. Love can only withstand so much as Rowynn's world is thrown into a downward spiral, and the only home she has ever known is ripped away from her. Everything she has always run from is now crashing down on her, but the question still remains...

Can she truly love a monster?

lostinabook lostinabook Jan 21, 2016
I like the story, but am getting confused over some new character names I don't think have been mentioned before
her21jams her21jams Jul 30, 2014
Good soo far bt soo confusin.. Youve put some characters you havent even mention yet??
CherryPlayingII CherryPlayingII Apr 20, 2014
so, I was rereading this again because I love this story and missed it and I caught a little boo boo. here where you say etc about green eyes, in a later chapter her *older* brother raine has eyes as green as grass so contradiction. just change raine's eyes to a diff. color.
syydneyyy syydneyyy Jan 01, 2014
Does 'editing' mean major editing? Because I want to read this but if it's changing completely then I'll just wait.
CherryPlayingII CherryPlayingII Dec 15, 2013
hold up man.....cato is the one that punished her mate! woooo you just thoroughly thickened this plot! Gravy time!
CherryPlayingII CherryPlayingII Dec 15, 2013
perfect prologue....guess that means I shall have to read the story again with new eyes :p