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Brotherly Desires

Brotherly Desires

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The Few, The Prøud, The Emøtiønal By PrinceKenzie Completed

Second book in The Blood Moon series

Jasper Savage is the epitome of sarcastic, hard-headed, and sassy. With his lopsided grin, huge round eyes, and brutal honesty everyone loves this man-child. He is literally the younger version of his father Caspar, but he was also threatened and beaten by his brother for reasons unknown to him since he was ten years old. After three years of this, he couldn't take it anymore and pleaded with his clueless fathers to move to America so he could live with his Uncles Parker and Legacy and his cousins. Now twenty, he's returning home for the first time in seven years only going to see his sister's newborn son. He is not alone though and is bringing his overprotective werewolf boyfriend home with him for the visit. He is in for a shock when he hears his brother growl 'mate' at him.

Ryder Savage is living a life of regret and pain. Since the age of twelve, he's been fighting the feelings he's had for his younger brother Jasper. The only way he knew how to do this was to make his brother hate him and not follow him like he usually did. After ignoring him didn't work, he beat and threatened him even if it killed him inside. What he didn't expect was for Jasper to leave the country. Now twenty-four, he is the Alpha of the Blood Moon Pack. He's going to fix this mess he created with his brother when he learns Jasper is coming home to meet their sister's new son. Unfortunately for him, he's learned that he's bringing a boyfriend, a warrior of the Black Forest Pack, home to meet their parents. His heart goes into overdrive when he spots his brother and his wolf howls 'mate'.

As their Brotherly Desires rise, their lives will never be the same.

DagaAustin DagaAustin Apr 06
Emery and Emerson do, HELL they are twins for crying out loud  so don't feel bad about it
Csitida Csitida Apr 17
Wow...This is a new record....You made  me cry in first few paragraphs 👏👏👏😔
Lol I barely watched Pokemon when I was a kid, I watched Avatar the Last Airbender. 
                              Also, I've never watched anything that's Star Wars related 😂
Oh my goodness lol just imagine if Jasper could read Ryder's words
Hell they are step brothers, not blood related..second, this is going to be hard for there parents to handle mostly for Caspar...this is going to be a tough and stressful relationship for them..
lgcxxx lgcxxx Feb 26
I'm reading this and Im thinking I was 12 when Wattpad ruined my innocence