Saved only to be forced to marry. Yay me.

Saved only to be forced to marry. Yay me.

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Nicole By colourfulsockpuppet Updated Jul 29, 2010

Hello (: Haha this is my first story - hope you like it! Comment please, even a dot will do :D Haha. Thanks!     <3 Nicole!

-----        Saved only to be forced to marry. Yay me.        ----- Part 1.

I looked out of the window, watching the raindrops slide down the glass, leaving smears of their vanishing presences. Oh, they had the power to vanish; I wish I could too. 

For starters, I don't have a family. I was accidental, uncalled for. According to Josie, the manager of this orphanage, my mum delivered me here personally, and demanded that the orphanage take me in. After filling out some forms and stuff, she took off and never came back.


"Josie, have you ever known my mum?" I asked. She squinted at me, then smiled. "Oh, Nikki, it's you." She shooed me into her office, closing the wooden door behind her. I took in my surroundings. 

Her office was clean, neat, with stacks of books filling each bookshelf. I made a mental note to ask for her permission to borrow some on...

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