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I move my hands in a trangle formation, keeping up the beat. The percussion is playing to loud. The saxophones are not keeping the beat. The flutes' feet are off beat. The tubas aren't playing in tone. Half the clarinets aren't playing. The trombones has there horns pointed to the ground. The French horns for once are playing in the right notes. The baritones are over blowing. And the trumpets won't even watch where they are going. 

Overall, not a pretty picture. A wreck even. They are starting to piss me off. Our contest is in a month amd they aren't even trying. I know it's hot, bit they can at least pretend they want to be here!

I stop conducting. The band stops and starts talking, pissing me off even more. They think just because the band director isn't here they can goof off.

"Hey band!" I yell out. 

"Hey what!" They yell back after they realize I want their attention.

"What is the matter today? Do you think you don't have to do anythinh 'cause Mr. Muller isn't here? If you w...

Oh mah god , this is bringing me so many memories of marching band😭.(marching season ended like a week ago for meh) 111
Lol, it's true I play clarinet and half my section is rarely ever playing, while the other is trying to keep us together.
ROOforyou ROOforyou Nov 01
I hate it when my band dose that,......THATS WHY MARCHING BAND IS SO MUCH BETTER
Rachgirl101 Rachgirl101 Nov 10
Trumpets can be like that sometimes......I know from experience.
excuse you, but the flutes are never off step or off beat :)
ZaraChan19 ZaraChan19 Oct 16
I had to conduct the orchestra a lot when we had substitutes who eere stupid