Liar (Destiel)

Liar (Destiel)

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Dean has a past nobody knows about.

He's broken.

Everybody believe they know everything about Castiel.

But they don't.

Castiel has more secrets than he should, keeping up his popular punk boy reputation.

Dean hates the Novak's.

So Castiel doesn't tell him he's a part of the family.

But if there's one thing Dean hates more than the Novak's, is a liar.

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knifetimes knifetimes Mar 11, 2017
Saving people, hunting things.. you know? The family business.
Superq555 Superq555 Aug 15, 2017
Oh god is this going to be one of those run in sentence books
                              Idc if it is but still
- - Oct 20, 2017
Wow these boys are telling each other a lot super quick considering the fact that Castiel literally just told Dean he's a liar and They barely have even been speaking to each other for FIVE MINUTES WHAT EVEN
If everyone is mad at John, just distract yourself with how much of a lying bitch Ruby is.
DodgingKamikaze DodgingKamikaze Nov 21, 2017
Nobody with issues like that actually fuckng shares them that easily with someone they don’t trust —especially if it’s a popular person. Smh
Dad's on a hunting trip, avd he hasn't been home in a few days