Daddy's Little Girl...[Original, unedited]

Daddy's Little Girl...[Original, unedited]

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Ashleigh May By HammyUK Completed

When Robyn's mum died of Cancer when she was 7, she ended up living with her abusive dad and now, 10 years later she is still yet to escape from the monster she calls her dad. 

That is, until HE comes along... Suddenly, she has some one she can turn to, somewhere she can go to feel safe...Safe...something she hasn't felt in a long time. 

Together, they will defeat the monster that constantly haunts Robyn's nightmares. Could the future be looking brighter...?

Please Note:
I was 13 when I wrote this so a lot of it does make me cringe reading it back over. I'm glad people are still enjoying it, but I will warn you that it isn't the best, aha!

HammyUK :)

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HammyUK HammyUK May 28, 2011
@Lucieee-xo i didnt, but my friend did, she's an amazing artist XD glad you like it!
HammyUK HammyUK Feb 13, 2011
@Summzz thanks, I'm glad you like it! Please keep reading and letting me know what you think! XD
Lucieee-xo Lucieee-xo Dec 31, 2010
Thisss is reaaly goood! :D Btw did youu draww the cover? cuz itss reaaly well draawwnn! xxx
Lucieee-xo Lucieee-xo Dec 31, 2010
@o0Ashy0o Um because it is an amazing introduction? This is amazing and thaats why its got so many votes :) 
YourNo1Fan YourNo1Fan Nov 20, 2010
@CarrieBeccaYay! Lol when you get to  last chapter posted let me know if you're still confused and I'll try and help you :P don't forget to vote!
CarrieBecca CarrieBecca Nov 20, 2010
So far, I'm slightly confused. But lucky for you, that means I'll keep reading.