Different Feelings ( Destiel/Sabriel fanfic )

Different Feelings ( Destiel/Sabriel fanfic )

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So i wrote this fic when i was 14 (I'm 17 now, lol) and it was so fucking cringy so i decided to edit it! To at least give myself some piece of mind! 
So, enjoy i guess x
(Update, I couldn't be arsed updating past chapter three so, shitty fanfic it is 😂)

"SAMMY! Dont forget the pie!" Dean hollared from the bathroom. 

"C'mon Dean how could i forget when that's literally all you eat?" Sam shouted back sarcastically. He rolled his eyes as he shrugged his coat on and headed out the door of their motel room to get some dinner.

It had been a while since the Winchester brothers had had some time off of work and Dean didn't particularly like it. It had already been a week and he was starting to get fidgety. He was a workaholic and naturally, just wanted to dive right back into hunting. Dispite this, he couldn't deny that the few extra hours of sleep had been a treat, and he'd even gotten a couple of chicks in the evenings, much to Sam's dismay. So maybe it wasnt all bad?

The older W...

First words when reading;
                              Oh thank god it's not a high school AU.
Me. Honestly, I don't care that you wrote this story when you were 14 or whatever. I have read this fic 2 times now and I love it so much👌🏼
ireferda ireferda Dec 17, 2016
Cas is just like, "Wtf guys, your personalities are switched and Gabriel's back, didn't you notice? Wait, GABRIEL"
therainbowlarrie therainbowlarrie Dec 18, 2016
For the people who don't get it, sam is acting like dean, and dean is acting like sam. I think the trickster is here