Different Feelings ( Destiel/Sabriel fanfic )

Different Feelings ( Destiel/Sabriel fanfic )

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Hey this is my first fanfiction and I need to add that my amazing friend Ellie (whos username is umfdestiel and I suggest you check her out if you like good literature haha) is my "inspiration" as she puts it and I couldnt have written this without her guidance lol xxxx so thank you Ellie xxx

So without further ado: my fanfic 

Enjoy xxxx

"SAMMY! Dont forget the pie!"

"C'mon Dean how could i forget when thats literally all you eat?"

Sam Winchester shrugs his coat on over his red checkered shirt and heads out the door of their motel room to get some dinner for himself and his big brother Dean.

Its been a while since the Winchester brothers have had a few weeks off work and Dean doesnt really like it. It has already been a week and he hates spending his days doing nothing. Dean has been itching to get into a case for days now.

However, dean had to admit that the few extra hours of sleep has been a treat, and he even managed to take a few girls to bed. So maybe it wasnt all bad...

ireferda ireferda Dec 17, 2016
Cas is just like, "Wtf guys, your personalities are switched and Gabriel's back, didn't you notice? Wait, GABRIEL"
JaidenRoa JaidenRoa Nov 02, 2016
Woah woah WOAH!!! Sam, that's Deans thing. And... don't you have a boyfriend?!
deaththepizzaman deaththepizzaman Dec 18, 2016
For the people who don't get it, sam is acting like dean, and dean is acting like sam. I think the trickster is here
MiaLorodeth MiaLorodeth Nov 08, 2016
Gonna have to wash that sluty mouth out with holy water, damn!
a_kuffles a_kuffles Dec 29, 2016
um i thought Dean was the one who used risque pick up lines and that Sam was the kind polite shy one?