Let's Play A Love Game {WATTYS2015}

Let's Play A Love Game {WATTYS2015}

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CHLOE By bochlo Updated Jul 25, 2015

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One wild night up in Gryffindor's girl's dorm playing 'The Love Game' may have lead to a bucketful of trouble for Hermione. Ginny, Hermione's red haired brave best friend, has dared her to toy with the player of Hogwarts Mister Draco Malfoy himself and make him fall in love with her.

Letting her pride get the better of her, Hermione now has to woo him before the end of the year or watch her reputation crumble before her very eyes. 

With both her and Draco starting off as Head of Prefects with a secluded area all to themselves, this year is sure to go off with a bang.

But a rising doubt still lies in Hermione's head. What if she's not beautiful enough to attract the charms of Malfoy? Or what if, you know, Hermione falls for him instead?

With several hearts pinned on her sleeves, it's up to Hermione to uncover all the secrets of how to play with the player.

Even if he is trash... he is the hottest trash you'll ever find mhm
ndagirl ndagirl Jun 01
WHERE IS HERMIONE AND WAHT HAVE U DONE WITH HER (if she's with Draco I'm all good. Just wondering)
Accio___Books Accio___Books 7 days ago
Oh don't say that! Look, you may not be able to draw, but you are the coolest girl in the whole wide world!
ndagirl ndagirl Jun 01
YOU ARE HERMIONE BLOODY GRANGER!!!!!!!!!! That's all I have to say. Carry on with ur lives now
Phaeleah Phaeleah Dec 19, 2015
did lavender get him? I think I missed it *monkey covering eyes emoji*
Phaeleah Phaeleah Dec 19, 2015
noo, don't bash him, he isn't vile or horrible, just misunderstood