Gray Life (BxB) {BOOK ONE}

Gray Life (BxB) {BOOK ONE}

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Elijah Fisher has this HUGE crush on his best friend, Jaden Secor. 

The two have known each other their whole lives. They know EVERYTHING about each other. Well, almost everything. Jaden still doesn't know Eli has been crushing on him for the longest time ever. He doesn't even know Eli is gay.

 When Eli is dragged into his best friend's plan to tell the school off, will he get more than he bargained for? And the real question, why is Jade starting to act so weird, not even the Sterling twins are sure.

[Description sucks, sorry. But this is Eli's spin off so yay!]

In swedish tugga/tuggade means chew on something. So my brain was like what the frick.  Well i chew on my plastic bracelets.
MadyMouse MadyMouse May 16
Once this kid was copying me on a history test so I picked all of the wrong answers and when he turned in his test I changed them to the right answers.
1Driss2miss 1Driss2miss Jun 04
Meee or he could've been like "He said he ships Elaiden" and then I'd burst from the janitors closet behind them like "SAME BITCH HAHAHA"
Oh my god you have no idea how much I love Spanish class. The quizzes are SO EASY!
hagithara hagithara Aug 01
Are we playing hide-and-seek? Because everyone's in the damn closet here 🤔
hagithara hagithara Aug 01
This is so sad. Ive been there myself. If any of you have as well, im here if you want to talk